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Regular ProcessWire meetup in Berlin


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A search on forum members, located in Berlin, turned up the following list:

Some of them haven't been active recently, but perhaps a mention will get their attention.


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I feel like that this topic is worth resurrecting. We could loosely meet in a pub first in order to test the waters if a PW related meetup in Berlin has a future.

Concrete suggestion: what do you folks think of Monday, Aug 26th, 19:30, Aufsturz in Mitte district?

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15 hours ago, chrizz said:

@marcus, is Monday still the plan for the meetup? Looks as if we are the only ones for now though, or do you know from others planning to join us?

Yes, still intend to be at Aufsturz at the given time. But unfortunately I know of nobody else joining besides from you.

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2 hours ago, neophron said:

Hi guys,

I'm definitely interested in such meetings, but Monday is always my volleyball-day ?

I chose today more or less randomly, so Monday is not locked. Intention was to start a thing, to revive the discussion about it.

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