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Mac users: which text editor?


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I'm a recent convert from Ubuntu and I still use Bluefish for my daily needs. I've downloaded a few others but haven't had the free time to evaluate them.

[update]  25 May 2014 - Just tried Atom and like what I see, so far. 

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Hi PhotoWebMax

I use Sublime Text for the occasional little snippets of code creating that I do... The color syntax highlighting really helps you spot all your typos! And the multi point cursor is great. You can configure the interfaces look and adjust most every aspect of it. As a result, its an editor that you can look at for hours on end with no fatigue....

Have a look at this if you can.... it will give you a good idea about Sublime Text:


But I always keep Text Wrangler nearby and handy too! When it comes to finding, search and replace etc, it's really easy to use. I also use Text Wrangler as my main program to keep notes. If I buy a piece of software or register in a forum, I will create a simple txt file with those details copied in and then save them in a folder. The Text Wrangler interface is nice for certain text operations.

I just bought YummyFTP yesterday to work alongside these two editors. Sure, Text Wrangler has built in FTP and you can get a FTP plugin for Sublime Text.

But a dedicated FTP and Syncing tool makes life easier for someone like me who doesn't do this stuff very often... its very intuitive once you spend a short while learning it.

Hope you find the one you like!

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For years I have been using TextMate for my editor and Transmit for FTP. 

But color highlighting for PHP syntax seems like a useful feature. I just downloaded TextMate 2 which is still free and looks promising...

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  • VIM for most quick code editing. 
  • PhpStorm (in VIM mode) when I have time to sit and focus on coding. I enjoy using it quite a bit. But the overhead is definitely noticeable relative to using VIM on its own. 
  • TextWrangler for quick stuff. I especially like TextWrangler for search/replace with regular expressions, as it's more straightforward than doing it in VIM or PhpStorm. 
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Sublime Text 3

before that: Sublime Text 2

before that: Komodo Edit

Tried Atom short after invite beta launch, was too laggy for me. Perhaps that has changed but I also don't want to invest in migrating all my routines/workflows to a new environment right now.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I find myself getting very distracted jumping from editor to editor and tool to tool, so I've been trying to stick to one (for as long as I can avoid getting distracted, which isn't very long LOL). That said, I am currently experimenting with Atom but for most tasks I tend to use TextWrangler or gedit, and for big projects I use NetBeans or Eclipse.

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Hey Everyone,

I have tried so many of these... I keep coming back to Espresso (MacRabbit).  It lacks a couple of things that Sublime Text has, such as the indent lines and auto-complete PHP functions.  But overall, Espresso is smooth.

I have tried Sublime Text, but a couple of little things bug me about it.  One is inconsistent code coloring.  For example, PHP in the following two snippets would be colored differently:

<img src="<?php echo $page->image->url; ?>">


<p><?php echo $page->main_body; ?></p>

It's a relatively small thing, but it is annoying.

I actually keep switching between ST3 and Espresso, so maybe I'll find a way around the above issue.



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