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Automatic includes / .AppleDouble Directories


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Hi there! 

I've got a little, annoying problem at the moment. I'm working on a local Linux web server wich is connected to my Mac via AFP (netatalk). Based on this network configuration the system creates directories with the name ".AppleDouble" in every Directory on the network share.

My problem with ProcessWire is, that somewhere in ProcessWire the must be automatic includes. They are including the files in the .AppleDouble directories and this causes a fatal error on ProcessWire. On the error pages I see some cryptic chars (origin must be the content of .AppleDoble directories) and then a 500 Error. In the logs the error:

Error: 	Class 'PagePermissions' not found (line 308 of ..../wire/core/Modules.php)


I know, it is NOT a problem of ProcessWire, it's a problem of my network configuration, but I'd like to know, where exactly the automatic includes are, so I maybe can fix it on my own. Any Ideas, where to start? 

If this problem may concern other users as well, maybe the automatic includes can be filtered to skip such directories? Just an idea. ;)

Thanks in advance!


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I don't know of how PW would auto include stuff that don't belong to PW.

Since your error is class not found PagePermissions is that module there? wire/modules/

Yeah modules screen does scan modules on refresh, or for the installed modules, new template does scan templates.

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Yes, the class PagePermission does exist! The error does not occur if I delete these directories manually. But after a time they were recreated. 

But now, the problem did not occur for approx. 2 hours, after I installed a language for the LanguageSupport Module. Before that, the LanguageSupport module was installed, but I have not installed a language. Maybe, this was the source for the error. Can somebody approve this? Is the LanguageSupport Module scanning for files and folders? 

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