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ProcessWire Screencasts / Video Tutorials

Jonathan Lahijani

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  • 7 months later...

OK, I'm finally going to be breathing some life into this project.

I got the title sequence done (well a near final draft) along with intro music (bought the track music from audiojungle).

Here's a little teaser:


The title sequence is a little choppy.  Need to fix that.  It's actually just a screen capture of an animation I made using plain old html/css with animate.css. :-)

I have about 15 videos done so far, but another 18 to go.  This WordPress vs. ProcessWire series will cover many different features and quickly compare the two systems.  It will not be biased and will compare the best of WordPress to the best of ProcessWire.

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  • 11 months later...

Better late than never.  I'm almost done with my WordPress vs. ProcessWire series.  I have about ~8 videos left to make.

I will be uploading all the videos to YouTube in a playlist.  Need a couple more weeks to finish them off and add a little polish.

Here are the videos in the series (not yet in the final order):

  1. Installation
  2. Pages
  3. Page Templates
  4. Custom Fields
  5. Custom Post Types
  6. Blog
  7. Documentation
  8. API
  9. Updates
  10. Client Help
  11. Plugins
  12. Forms
  13. Shortcodes
  14. Page Order
  15. Images
  16. Videos
  17. Themes
  18. Widgets
  19. Menus
  20. Global Settings and Options
  21. Page Caching
  22. Search Engine Optimization
  23. XML Sitemaps
  24. JSON Data
  25. Search
  26. Users and Roles
  27. Config File
  28. Multi-Language
  29. Data Migration
  30. Ecommerce
  31. Community
  33. Revisions
  34. Admin Themes
  35. Command Line Interface
  36. Hosting
  37. Multisite
  38. Admin Section
  39. Performance
  40. Visual / WYSIWYG Editor
  41. Bootstrapping
  42. Admin Bar
  43. Composer
  44. Debugging
  45. Front-end Editing
  46. Page Builders

Each video is about 3-10 minutes long and compares a feature in WordPress with the same or analogous feature ProcessWire quickly and concisely.  For example, Shortcodes vs. HannaCode, Gravity Forms vs. FormBuilder, WP-CLI vs. Wireshell, WP Rocket vs. ProCache, WP's Menu Builder vs. Menu Builder, etc.  Some are a little more in-depth than others.  I do give WordPress a fair shake, try to remain objective and let ProcessWire's superior approach to features speak for itself.

I will most likely be adding an intro video that explains the series as well with some background as to why I use ProcessWire instead of WordPress and the philosophical differences between the two.

The goal is to get people, particularly advanced developers and web firms who know how to code and who are on the fence about switching to a new CMS, to quickly see all the analogous features that they are used to in WordPress done in ProcessWire.  Hopefully they will get the warm and fuzzy feeling and explore our community further.

If there are any topics you feel that I have missed, please let me know.  Make sure the topic is specific enough to warrant a video of its own, as this series is a feature-to-feature comparison.


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You should be posting them around here (Question:How does Processwire compare to Wordpress?)

I am also writing an answer on Quora and boy it is difficult to not sound too opinionated.

Wow, you have had yourself in this project for a long time, congratulations on reaching the final stages, I'll join the eager wait list!

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@Jonathan: You have covered "Data Migration", but does it include "site migration" too? Sure, normally it is a straightforward process, however you might want to demonstrate it as well, just to contrast it to the complete WordPress migration process.

For example I have my own Bash script (utilizing wp-cli among other built in Linux tools) for migrating WordPress sites and probably it is also possible to implement something similar with Wireshell.

I'm not saying that you should spend too much time on the issue of site migration and Wireshell, and you might have already cover the issue of complete site migration in one of the episodes, still if not, you might want to dedicate a few minutes to it.

Otherwise you presented such a thorough list of everyday issues that it is hard to recommend something else to add to it. I can't wait either! Thanks in advance!

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