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Need Guidance On Creating a Searchable / Filtered Front-End Database (Listing).


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Hi everyone. 

I really need help /guidance knowing if this can be done and what direction I need to take. I have a week to develop and deploy a front end music catalog. I have some limited experience with PW, developing only very small sites....nothing of this magnitude and complexity. If you could guide me to the technologies I need to look at and point me in the right direction, I will be very appreciative.   

I need to create a searchable page for essentially a music catalog which will pull information from artist's pages. Each track / entry needs to have a number of sections associated with it (track title, length, genre, publisher, songwriter, mood), and maybe an external-pointing link to lyrics. Each line / track will also have to have a play button and link to the music purchasing page for that particular artist. All those sections / fields listed above need to be able to be searched / filtered as well.  Easier if I just show you a link to something similar. http://www.noideaband.com/songlist/ 

That is a WP module and I want that basic look / feel / functionality. It needs to basically pull all of the music files / products from individual pages and into the catalog I don't know. Maybe I am in over-my-head but I am really not sure where to start :/ 

So here is the site structure I must have: 


 - Music Catalog (contains all the songs/artists on the website. This must be a searchable database front-end)

 - Artists

   -Artist Name (contains info about artist, etc)

         -Album 1(contains individual tracks, bio, genre, lyrics, etc)

         -Album 2


Thanks in advance for whatever information you can bring to the table. 

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@n0sleeves: the searchable / sortable frontend Database could be jquery.datatables. In the modules section also is a module for it, but don't know if it is ready to use for front end.

Did you know that their is a siteprofile for mp3 files that has a lot stuff with artist, album, genre, song. It is meant as a toolbox for songs / tracks and only comes with some usage examples. Maybe you can build your site on top of it? Or look at it and only take some parts from it.

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