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Looking for a good domain name - help me, please :)

Nico Knoll

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I want to start a tech blog about web development, programming, coding, hardware stuff, ... but I have kind of no idea what domain name it should be.

My current favorites are:

  • codestination.co
  • supercode.co

Do you have any other (better) ideas? Doesn't need to have code in it. It just have to sound good and well ... I have to like it ;)

Please help me!

-- Nico

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Wonder where that idea comes from ;)

Nico, if you don't know, may I suggest that you try and punch in any of the possible domain names at GoDaddy.coms homepage. Don't login thou.

Reason is the Godaddy site as it is today is very helpful in automatically suggesting all these new domain extensions and even alternative names!


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  • 3 weeks later...

Just in case...

codeaware.co (codeware.co is already taken)

codeawire.co (or code-a-wire.co)



hackawire.co (or hack-a-wire.co)



braincode.co (taken), braincodes.co (also taken)

softcodes.co, hardcodes.co, nicecode.co/nicecodes.co [the first e could be "closed" to seem like a o *], nicehack.co/nicehacks.co *, awesomecodes.co, codeawesome.co

brainycode.co, brainycodes.co, smartcode.co (taken), smartcodes.co (taken)



(NB: I wanted to launch a topic on the rise of bitcoins, the rise of darkcoins, just to name these virtual currencies (, the rise of gold, and the decrease of the euro/dollar rate...), but I lost what I had written before saving it, so I "make it short" here, I don't know if I will create a topic or not...)

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