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I am looking for some advice on setting up a multi-user and multi-school website/application.


Each school and user will be created by a superuser; so there is no "self registration" functionality (at this point).

On the back-end, It is important that when user1 logs in he can only see and edit the school1 players.

On the font-end each school will have it's own url e.g. site.com/school1


Any hints would be much appreciated.




  • user1 - school1

  • user2 - school1

  • user3 - school2



  • schools

    • school1

    • school2

  • players

    • football players

      • player1 - school1

      • player2 - school1

      • player3 - school2

    • cheerleaders

      • cheerleader1 - school1

      • cheerleader2 - school2

  • advertisments

    • advert1 - school1

    • advert2 - school2

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      Hello Processwire Community
      Lets say I have a Multi-User-System where I can create/update as "normal" user new events, dates, multimediapages, imagepages etc....
      As Admin I can create organisers(owners) and assign them respectively to specific users.
      Module for creating/updating pages: Fredi - Friendly Frontend Editor
      Scenario: Add new Imagepage under Multimedia > Images
      Important Fields
      select_organiser(FieldtypePage)(btw. this field is assigned to the user template)
      PHP-Selector for "select_organiser" if(wire('user')->isSuperuser()){     return $pages->find("template=organiser"); } else{     return $pages->find("template=organiser, id=".wire('user')->select_organiser); } Templates
      image-index(is assigned to Image-Page)
      -> Fields: only title
      - > images-index.php
      Only show the image pages which has the same organiser like the current user.
      <?php $out .="<h3>$title verwalten</h3> <div class='span11'> <div class='btn-pos-1 add'>" .$fredi->setText("<i class='fa fa-plus'></i> Bild erfassen")->hideTabs("children|delete|settings")->addPage("image", "title|select_organiser", $pages->get(1153)). "</div> <table id='example' class='row-border' cellspacing='0' width='100%'> <thead> <tr> <th>ID</th> <th>Bildname</th> <th>Bild</th> <th>Beschreibung</th> <th>Veranstalter</th> <th>aktualisiert</th> <th></th> <th></th> </tr> </thead> <tbody>"; if($user->isSuperuser()){ $images = $pages->find("template=image"); } else{ $images = $pages->find("template=image, select_organiser=$user->select_organiser"); } foreach ($images as $i_item) { if($i_item->image){ $thumb = $i_item->image->size(50, 50); } $out .= "<tr> <td>{$i_item->id}</td> <td>{$i_item->title}</td> <td><a class='large_img' href='{$i_item->image->url}' ><img src='{$thumb->url}' /></a></td> <td>{$i_item->image_body}</td> <td>{$i_item->select_organiser->title}</td> <td>".date('Y-m-d', $i_item->modified)."</td> <td><a href='{$i_item->url}'><i class='fa fa-eye'></i></td> <td>".$fredi->setText("<i class='fa fa-pencil'></i>")->renderAll($i_item)."</td> </tr>"; } $out .= " </tbody> </table> </div>"; images(is assinged to children-items of Image-Page)
      -> Fields: title, image, image_body, select_organiser
      -> images.php
      At the beginnnig of the template it checks if the select_organiser of the current user is the same as the select_organiser of the current image page.
      <?php if($user->select_organiser == $page->select_organiser || $user->isSuperuser()){ $out .= "<h3>{$page->parent->title} Details</h3>          <div class='span8'>             <table class='detail-view table table-striped table-condensed'>";             $out .= "<tr class='odd'><th>ID</th><td>{$page->id}</td></tr>";             //get all fields:             $all_fields = $page->fields;             foreach($all_fields as $field){                            if($field->type == "FieldtypeImage"){                      $out .= "<tr class='odd'><th>{$field->label}</th><td>{$page->get($field->name)->url}</td></tr>";                 }                 else if($field->type == "FieldtypePage"){                      $out .= "<tr class='odd'><th>{$field->label}</th><td>{$page->get($field->name)->title}</td></tr>";                 }                 else{                   $out .= "<tr class='odd'><th>{$field->label}</th><td>{$page->get($field->name)}</td></tr>";                }             }             $out .= "<tr class='odd'><th>erstellt</th><td>".date("Y-m-d H:i:s", $page->created)."</td></tr>                      <tr class='even'><th>aktualisiert</th><td>".date("Y-m-d H:i:s", $page->modified)."</td></tr>             </table>         </div>         <div class='span3'>             <div id='sidebar'>                 <ul class='well nav nav-list' id='yw1'>                     <li class='nav-header nav-header'>Aktionen</li>                     <li><a href='{$page->parent->url}'><i class='fa fa-list'></i> Bilder auflisten</a></li>                     <li>".$fredi->setText("<i class='fa fa-pencil'></i> Bild bearbeiten")->renderAll($page)."</li>                 </ul>                 <br />                     </div>         </div>"; } else{     $session->redirect($error404->url); } The Problem of this System is that the user still can access to image-pages in the backend that dont have the same organiser. Its only view protected.
      So finally my Question: Can i specifiy a PHP-Selector for the editable pages for the Page Edit Per User Module.
      return $pages->find("template=images, id=".wire('user')->select_organiser); So that the user can edit the image - pages which has the same organiser like him?
      Pagetree Structure and some screenshots of the interfaces for visualization:
      Pagetree Structure:
         - Dashboard(Intro-Page)
           -- Events(visible for superuser and user with role: company)
           -- Agenda/Dates(visible for superuser and user with role: company)
           -- Multimedia(visible for superuser and user with role: company)
             --- Images(template: image-index)
                ---- example-img.jpg(template: image)
             --- Videos
           -- Profile(visible for superuser and user with role: company)
           -- Organisers(Only visible for Superuser)
              --- Organiser-Profiles
                 ---- XYZ AG
              --- Adresses
              --- Locations
           -- Settings(Only visible for Superuser)
           -- Logout
      Image - Overview Page

      Image - Detail Page

      PS: Sorry for the long post
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