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Hello everyone,

I started using Processwire a couple of days ago so i'm very new, and i couldn't be happier with how easy and practical it is, so first of all, i'd like to thank the creators of this amazing CMS.

In one of my projects i have a home page which works as a welcome. It has two links, one for the site in the default language (spanish) and one for the site in a different language (english). The link takes you to "about-us-concept" page which is the first page of the actual site.

When i link to just the "about-us-concept" page it takes you to the page in the default language, the url looks something like this: "http://localhost/prenovanew/es/about-us-concept/".

Now, when i try to link the other button to "en/about-us-concept/" it still takes me to the first one, and the url still looks like this: "http://localhost/prenovanew/es/about-us-concept/". If i manually change the "es" for "en" in the url, the site changes to english.

So my question is, how do i setup the links for navigation on a language? I think maybe i'm catching a concept erroneously, or i'm doing something wrong. 

Help will be much appreciated!!



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UPDATE: I also tried using multi-language page names, for example:

Default (Spanish) : /nosotros-concepto/

English : /en/about-us-concept/

Still, when i link this way : <a href="en/about-us-concept/"></a> it takes me to /es/nosotros-concepto/ .

Help please!

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