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Is there any way when a parents children are sorted by the user to enable a new child to be listed at the top of the list?

my site has loads of child pages so it's cumbersome to add a new child and move it when it is listed at the end of the list each time, instead of the top (the same way they delivered on the site reading from the top of the list).


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there is a module: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/4758-release-pagetree-add-new-child-reverse-on-top/


Attention: It is pretty fine to install it before starting a new branch. If you want to install it in a site for an already existing branch, you

1) have to move / rename your existing branch,

2) create a new (empty) branch with the original name

3) move your childpages into the new branch

4) remove the renamed (and now empty) parent page

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Just a reminder: above module is only useful if sorting cannot be set based on some field or created date for example.

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will check it out. I want to sort the pages myself but adding new child should appear at top of the list.

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