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@adrian - Thanks for that. That's usually what we do for the primary DB instance when we aren't using GCP. For us, setting the DB instance flags in Google Cloud SQL accomplishes the same thing via their admin console. In case anyone needs it: this is Google's reference for Cloud SQL's flags. Do note, there's a known issue that there's no automatic daylight saving adjustment.

I prefer to leave the UTC with no offset. I'll likely look at the module's source a little closer and modify the input/output timestamps from PW to match the client user's timezone.

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On 1/29/2022 at 7:53 AM, MindFull said:

One thing I noticed is that the revision timestamp is being generated by the database and not via PHP. So when the two services are on separate machines, with different timezone configurations, the timestamps don't match up with the activity on the web server. Just discovered this as one of our client's databases went down and a failover database in another zone took its place. Revisions were showing that the users had traveled to the future... 5 hours from now. ?

That does seem like an issue. I have a vague memory that I might've had to make changes related to the timestamps at some point in the past, but can't remember what it was all about. For the time being I'll open a GitHub issue for this, as it might require a bit of digging and testing to make sure that everything works as expected ?

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25 minutes ago, gebeer said:

@teppo can this module handle multilang fields? Couln't find anything in the module description or this thread.

README lists three supported multilingual fieldtypes:

  • Text (regular and multi-language)
  • Textarea (regular and multi-language)
  • Page Title (regular and multi-language)

Technically other multilanguage fieldtypes should be supported as well, but these are the ones I've tested. Version Control has a config setting for enabling fieldtypes that are available on the site, but not listed as compatible by default.

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