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Form Builder : role field to register users

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Hi everybody!

I have a problem trying to register users using form bulder. The field that I use is type PAGE and i can't specify a default role in form and let the field hidden.

How can specify the role of users registering?

Sorry but my english is very poor...

Attach some images to understande better.




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Hi, I would be interested in finding out how to do this too? I need to make a user registration form and a login form. Can this be done with Form Builder?

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This works for me. User name is generated by PW from first name and last name fields. New user enters email, password and a couple of custom fields.

The user must be saved before the roles are added.

Hook developed with help, esp from Ryan, in the FormBuilder forum.

// Create new user from FormBuilder feu-register form
$forms->addHookAfter('InputfieldForm::processInput', null, 'hookCreateUser'); 

function hookCreateUser(HookEvent $event) {
    $form = $event->object;
    if($form->name != 'my-fb-form-name') return; // if it's not the form you want, return        
     // format the first_name and last_name as the username
    $sanitizer = wire('sanitizer');     

    $users = wire('users');
    // ensure email address is valid and unique    
    $email = $form->get('email'); 
    $emailValue = $sanitizer->selectorValue($email->value);
    if($emailValue) {           
        // check there aren't any other users with the same email
        $insiders = $users->find("include=all, email=$emailValue"); 
        if($insiders->count > 0) {
            $email->error(__("Sorry that email is already in use"));
            return false; 
    // makes sure the username is not already in use.
    $first_name = $sanitizer->pageName($form->get('first_name')->value);
    $last_name  = $sanitizer->pageName($form->get('last_name')->value);
    if ($first_name && $last_name ) {
        $username = $first_name . '_' . $last_name;
        $u = $users->find("include=all, name^=$username");
        if ($u->count > 0) {
            $number = $u->count+1;
            $username = $username . $number;
    } else {
        // invalid or blank
        $username->error(__("Please enter a valid username")); 

        // ok, all checked, create user account
        $newUser = $users->add($username);    
        $newUser->email = $emailValue;
        $newUser->pass = $form->get('password')->value;
        $newUser->first_name = $form->get('first_name')->value;
        $newUser->last_name = $form->get('last_name')->value;
        $newUser->country = $sanitizer->text($form->get('country')->value);
        $newUser->phone = $sanitizer->text($form->get('phone')->value);
        $newUser->addRole('my-custom-user-role');    // change to your user role name    


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37 minutes ago, Vayu Robins said:

Thank you very much! You wouldn't have the link to that forum posting where Ryan helped on this?


There are many. I trawled the FB forum on the assumption my requirement wasn't unique :)

Here's one:


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