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Let me give you a bit of insight on my latest project:


It is a weekly updated, hand crafted event calendar for Hamburg in Germany. Its team looks for the most appealing events every week and collects them for the three days of the week that really matter: thursday, friday and saturday. It features parties, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, theatre and everything else a bit of the mainstream.

On the technical part (it uses PW 2.3):

Single events can occur on multiple dates and support a link to a location (page) with Google Map coordinates. Beside events we support blog-like entries and regular pages and other stuff. Events are displayed based on their date, showing up in an archive when they aren't up to date anymore. This method also allows for a custom preview of all upcoming entries for the editors.

I make use of template caching which speeds up the page remarkably. Beside that I am using some modules, including twitter feed, soundcloud embed, vimeo & youtube embeds.

The backend is modified using admin custom pages module which allows me to tailor pages showing only upcoming events or locations. With around 30 pages added every week this was crucial.

Overall I am very pleased with PW: It performs well, is easy to develop even with nested data and is fast and intuitive enough on the backend. And a full deployment means basically just a few clicks and a coffee while it is uploading.

One thing that did trip me was customizing the backend and actually the obvious need to do it. With hundreds of pages the normal view is not as helpful as I thought. The module I mentioned did help a lot, without that I would have been in trouble. I am looking forward to using PW 2.4 on a project like this and how it accomplishes those challenges.

Let me know what you think, especially about tailoring the backend and dealing with lots of pages. I attached a screenshot of our backend (it is 2.3 and a modified backend theme, based on ergo theme)



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This looks very nice! Thanks for showcasing it and sharing your workflow. 

Regarding customising the backend, the beauty with ProcessWire is that its all modules really. That makes it easily and powerfully extensible. Tailoring the backend to suit your needs could mean your client logs in and instead of seeing the Page tree, they see paginated Tabular data of their 50,000 'pages'   :-). It could also mean they see a Dashboard or some other thing you want them to see. In other cases, even with lots of pages, you may want them to see the Page tree. It all depends on the use case.

Unfortunately, presently, the 'admin custom pages module' does not work with PW 2.4 (unless it has been updated and I missed that). Alternatively, there's the Dashboard module. With that you can pretty much add what you like to the Dashboard. If not, you could develop your own Process Module...

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Very nice! And great to know that admin custom pages helped :)


Unfortunately, presently, the 'admin custom pages module' does not work with PW 2.4 (unless it has been updated and I missed that). 

Not yet. I didn't even started to tackle this problem, and it seems quite tricky. I hope I can do it soon.

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Thank you all for your feedback! The site continues to run smoothly and all editors are pretty happy using it.

Regarding the backend in 2.4: I might just have to dig deeper into the system to be able to build my own backend as I need it. It is already a very nice backend, don't get me wrong, sometimes I just like to structure it a bit more to avoid mistakes and prevent backend editors from "thinking" on their own....

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