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Need help with Image Magick


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I stuck with a problem where I cannot find informations on the net. I have created a CMS (Color Management System) based on ICC-Profiles with Imagick on my local windows machine that works really fine. Input can be any file regardless of colordepth, colorspace and if it has an embedded profile or not.

Input is the embedded profile or a config-defined default profile.

As workspace I use 16bit AdobeRGB and destination after all manipulations is 8bit sRGB.

Now I have started creating a testcase for all image related stuff (something like unit testing). After uploading this to my shared host I got a bad surprise: all CMS stuff do not work on that machine. All color images are multiple times to bright, but not the grayscales. The colortransfer via profiles do not work, not one single case. Does this profiles (workspace) has to be _installed_ somehow on the machines system to let Image-Magick work with them? Isn't it enough to provide the ICC-profile file(s)?

Or what else is going wrong here?

Any pointers to get more information is welcome.

On my local windows machine I use ImageMagick 6.8.8-4 Q16 x86 2014-01-29 - imagick module version: 3.1.2

On the online ubuntu machine I use ImageMagick 6.6.9-7 2014-03-06 Q16 - imagick module version: 3.1.0 RC2

The good working results can be viewed here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5889-image-quality-problem-on-resize/page-2#entry58679

And the weird behave on ubuntu here: http://images.pw.nogajski.de/imagick-resizer/cms/cms-visual/

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horst - just a quick question - what about the versions of the imagick extension - are they both the same or at least both recent?

The only other time I have come across colors being too bright in IM is with conversion from PDF. I really doubt it is related to the problem you are having, but it might be worth comparing the delegates.xml files between the two installations to see if there are any differences. Here is an explanation for fix for that particular issue:


Maybe it will be a lead in the right direction, even if it's not the exact problem you are having.

The other things I can think of that might be worth a look is setColorspace vs setImageColorspace

Also in my experience with images from PDFs I had to set the colorspace before reading the image. Maybe not an issue with ordinary images, but maybe worth investigating?

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