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PW2.4 modules empty


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I just installed pw2.4 for the first time on a development server that's already running pw2.3 to begin work on a new project and although the install went fine, no errors reported and the admin looks normal, the site loads etc, when I go to the modules page it's completely empty.

It's a shared server but I left the permissions as default when installing because the defaults have always worked fine.

The php version is 5.4 MySQL is 5.0.96 and Apache is 2.2.26

As I said I already have pw2.3 running on the same server with a different db and no problems. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there something I missed in the readme that I need to do? If I upload a module to /site/modules/ and click check for new modules it comes up as new module found but clicking on the link in the green bar at the top of the window does nothing and the page is still empty.

Screen cap attached:


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OK. I did some further checking and the markup for the modules is in the source set to display: none. If I disable that the page renders correctly and the modules all show up. So to that I say WTF?

Why is the unordered list elements set to display none?

EDIT TO ADD: I think it's a jquery problem because I discovered none of the jquery functions are working in the page edit.

EDIT AGAIN: I tracked it down with the help of the console. It seems that there was an error in the upload, either from my FTP client or the server. Once I tracked down the files that were corrupt (jquery UI and tiny_mce.js) and fixed them everything seems to be back on track.

Thanks everyone.

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