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Forum search not allowing words with less than four letters


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Hi all!

This doesn't really seem a pub topic, but since I haven't seen a thread that seems more suitable, I figured I might as well post it here:

The forum search engine here only wants four letter words  ;)  or better: It ignores word with less than four letters. For example a search for "PHP version" is apparently not possible. I wonder if this is really the best setting for it and what the reason behind it might be...

Oh, sorry, in quotes it does accept it...

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Hi Joe,

This is a mysql setting - there is a discussion about it here:


Obviously that discussion is about PW searches and not forum searches, but it will explain what is going on. Regardless the forum search mechanism is terrible anyway and most of us here use google:

site:processwire.com/talk php version

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I meant the forum search facility. Like Adrian said, it's not the best....so, we normally do something like this in Google....

3 letter word site:processwire.com

or if you want just the forums

3 letter word site:processwire.com/talk

And you can use all sorts of Google search methods (wild cards, "", etc..)  and tools as well....


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