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New Softaculous 1-click installer script

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Hi All, just noticed Softaculous now has a 1-click installer for Processwire:


Hoping to discuss a few points, maybe write up a tutorial, if I get something up and running as far as demo sites.

  1. Site Profiles: can I easily toss in a site profile after the softaculous installer installs whatever is the default site?
  2. Big thank you's to whoever got this over there to them, my web host is Asmallorange, so will let you know how the installer works there, once I've had a chance to run it. :)
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It looks like I've found an answer for switching 'Site Profiles', at least for the Foundation Site Profile:


Part way down the page in the instructions where it has, starting with an already installed copy.

Not sure the would the process be the same for most all of the site profiles, or different in each case?



If starting with an already-installed copy of ProcessWire
  1. Replace the /site/templates/ directory with the templates directory from this profile.

  2. Add the following two lines to your /site/config.php file:

  • $config->prependTemplateFile = '_init.php';
  • $config->appendTemplateFile = '_main.php';

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I'm the kind that like to do all on my own and the hard way  :unsure:, but I have to say that this is unbeatable! I installed Softaculous' ampps http://www.ampps.com/ on a clean laptop (still coming out of the package, completely not configured for web development), and 10 minutes later was playing with a fresh install of PW.

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Hi diogo, Thanks for your reply. 

Using Ampps with a fresh PW install, can you later change to a blank profile?

I'm probably making a  false assumption here, but there is a section on the docs called "Making Custom Package" 

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I started looking at other solutions as well, for creating custom packages, so far nothing solid.

My angle on this would be a solution for me to run on my shared hosting, so I don't have access to server level scripts.

For one click installers it sort of depends what your host offers.

As far as finding your own custom installers for shared hosting especially, nothing to report.

Learning your way around the Processwire Site Profile setups, is probably time well spent.

Customizing a Softaculous installer looks to be very in-depth, read not so easy.


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It's not that difficult to install PW the normal way either, right? ;)

Actually, what impressed me most wasn't the PW script in particular, but the AMPPS server itself. Very easy to setup and works perfectly, great alternative to Mamps and Xampps for sure. The ability to run those scripts easily is more of a nice extra :)

Edit: as I told on another thread, I'm also very impressed with Vagrant, and keeping an eye on Docker.

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      I'm new to ProcessWire, but based on what I've read so far I can see PW becoming the CMS I use for all future sites.
      It would be handy to be able to use Softaculous to install PW, but this results in the "Minimal Site Profile" being installed and there is no option to choose the blank profile.
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