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is there some way to extract word document (.doc) file?


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@Diogo Thanks, i think that your link is solution. I have created form with form builder, for classified site. Users can ad their Ads via form. I was use textarea, but it is not good solution, cause with textarea input field text is messed up, no space, no text brakes. I just want some text editor, like this one in forum, where users can clear write their input. And to display exactly how they write.

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I suspect there must be an option to use tinyMCE on textareas in form builder, but I don't use it so can't help you there.


Edit: sorry, not true https://processwire.com/talk/topic/1743-processwire-form-builder/?p=16361


The Form Builder doesn't use Fieldtypes, just Inputfields. All Inputfields are supported by the Form Builder, except for: File, Image, Repeater, Password, PageListSelect, PageListSelectMultiple, PageAutocomplete, TinyMCE.

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