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Problem outputting repeater

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I have the following code:

$houses = $pages->get('/houses/')->children('limit=6');

foreach ($houses as $house) {
  echo "<li>";
  foreach ($house->repeater as $repeater_item) {
    echo $repeater_item->repeater_field;
  echo "$house->title";
  echo "<a href='{$house->url}'>";
  echo "<h2>{$house->title}</h2>";
  echo "<img src='{$house->house_thumbnail->url}' />";
  echo "</a>";
  echo "</li>";

The problem is that I can't output the nested foreach(). I get a 'Invalid argument supplied for foreach()' error.

Do I have a syntax error?

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Nope, your syntax is correct.

But it looks like the template for page $house does not have a field called 'repeater' and thus foreach gets something it can't iterate (null I guess). Check the name of the repeater field and it should work just fine.

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I had the repeater name 'availability' written as 'availabilty' ..! I can't believe I lost so much time for this! Thanks nik!

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