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I'm currently trying to fork the ProcessUser module for a own custom table of products. But even though I've changed the parent page in the properties provided by the module, it doesn't save pages to the right location. If I hit "Add New" it saves the new page as a child of the Admin page. The url does even show the right ID of the page I want to have as parent.

…/admin/produkte/add/?parent_id=1021 (ID of the adminpage is 1092)
		$properties = array(
			'initSelector' => $selector,
			'columns' => $this->showFields,
			'defaultSelector' => "title%=",
			'defaultSort' => 'title',
			'parent' => $this->wire('pages')->get(1021),
			'template' => $this->template,
			'editURL' => './edit/',
			'addURL' => './add/',
			'delimiters' => array('shop_category' => ', ', 'manufacturer' => ', '),
			'allowSystem' => false,


Had a second look, the 'edtiURL' and the 'addURL' where the issue. Removing them created the expected behavior. 

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I've just tried to add subfields as columns via the api, but it seems these are not supported. Can someone confirm this? I'm working a lot with pageTables and it would be great to show a count of them instead of an empty field, because I don't use the title field in this occasion. Also the fullname field of my users would be super to access instead of the raw name field.

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Can't wait to try this out!

How about an export to csv option?

I've used this before http://ngiriraj.com/pages/htmltable_export/demo.php which was super easy to implement and worked like a charm, and that was when only CSV was supported, apparently now many formats are; also I haven't tried it with large amounts of data. But it might be pretty breezy to implement export functionality with that script.

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Just a quick question: Does Lister support Repeaters?

When I add filters that include Repeaters, Lister shows the corresponding fields and values in the filter section which is nice. However, whatever I choose, it returns zero results.

I know that Repeaters are also pages. But those are hidden in the admin. Maybe that's why Lister can't show them?

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