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TIP: ridiculously obvious probably but in PW 2.4 admin, search saves a ton o time


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Short tip

Use the ajax powered search to find pages you want to edit—it's a super-fast way to get around the admin.

Longer (but same) tip

I was on the cusp of not writing this because it is likely so obvious to so many, but just in case you are like me in terms of navigation in the Admin for editing pages...

In PW 2.4 the new search makes finding pages lightening fast. While some themes from before 2.4 was released display recently edited pages to help speed navigation, the new default theme in 2,4 doesn't; and I missed that a bit.

But the new search is super fast so now whenever and wherever I am in the Admin, if I want to edit a page I just type in the search box, it ajax-pops, one click and I'm in the page ready to edit—no need to visit the page tree ^_^

Thanks to Ryan and crew for this small but great advance :)

OK, back to work.

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Not sure this should go here. Please move the post if it shouldn't.

Found a little bug in search, I think. If you type in anything in UTF (tried russian and some copypasted hebrew text) you always get all users in the ajax dropdown. If you type in anything ASCII you don't.

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