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paginating results generated from values in GET


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Hi Everyone.

I need help to paginate search results generated from a search form.

my search result url:


how do I keep the value when generating pagination using MarkupPagerNav?

like on SKyscrapers example: 


(tried to look at the source code but can't find where Ryan set the pagination options, maybe I missed it? can someone point it out to me :D )

at the moment  my pagination link only showing the page number without the get value i.e:


however, it showing correct results if I type the url manually  like: 


I'm assuming I need to set the getVars in the pagination options

can you give me example how to use the "getVars"? I've set the cache to 0 in the template setting.

my code:

$pagination = $matches->renderPager(array(
				'nextItemLabel' => "»",
				'previousItemLabel' => "«",
				'listMarkup' => "<ul class='MarkupPagerNav pagination'>{out}</ul>",

thank you!

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