This module creates a blank dashboard page in your site admin and sets it as default when you login instead of the page list. It came from a need in a few projects where I was creating modules for various user roles to use and I didn't want them to see the page list at all, but needed to display various stats and quick access buttons. For example, if you have a person who is creating invoices or doing other back-office stuff in various other Process modules then as an admin you wouldn't want them to access the page tree anyway, and there are other scenarios where you might want to have a dashboard instead of launching straight into the page list. It also requires (and adds) a permission - "dashboard" - so you can create new roles and assign the dashboard permission to those roles - something you might want to do fairly commonly if you have a lot of admin modules that you want to restrict access to. Editing the template is simple - there is a dashboard.php template file in the /site/modules/ProcessDashboard/ folder (decided to leave it in there to keep it safe, but I might be tempted to move it into /site/templates/ ) as well as .js and .css files ready to add your code to. You can use the API as you usually would to create your dashboard experience. For example, display data based on user roles or even specific users using code like this: if ($user->hasRole('invoices') {     echo "Hi staff member $user->name. View invoices to be processed below:         ...         ..."; }   if ($user->name == 'pete') {     // Show some super-awesome stuff here } You can also do away with the dashboard.php template file and edit the module directly, putting your code and output in the execute() function (the way most Process modules are written) but I decided to include the separate template file to make it easier for more people to use. This does touch on areas a few other modules have addressed to some degree (like diogo's Custom Admin Pages) but this is designed for one purpose - instant dashboard creation. You can download the module here: This module also uses code from diogo's ProcessHomeAdmin module so that the default admin page can be overridden.