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Jonathan Dawe, Composer


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Just deployed a new PW site for a contemporary classical composer:


  • AIOM
  • Formbuilder
  • ProCache
  • Redirects
  • MapMarker
  • ImportPagesCSV
  • MarkupSimpleNavigation
  • Hanna Code
  • Version Control

Audio plugins used:

And thanks to the combination of AIOM, Procache and Cloudflare, the site seems to be very fast, gets a yslow of 96-98;



Here is the sm2 circle player example with vis, overlaid on a relevant image:


[goodbye joomla....!]

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hey - thanks everyone for taking a look;

a lot of fun processwire stuff going on under the hood with this one;

- every object (news, release, event..) has a page select for the works list which is a database in an unpublished part of the tree; then when outputting the works list it checks for references and links to those; the 2 column works list is output using selectors for the century (work_year>1999) and the category..

- the fractals page uses tags on the audio and image files to find matches and associate the audio file onto the image;

- other use tags to define galleries, teaser images;

- maps plugin used for event locations and then build URL to google maps from the map marker module vars;

@David - your AIOM saved the day as far as dealing with all of the jquery/css files from the multitude of jquery addons..!

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