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Page 1322 is not valid for some_page_name

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I've got a page that has a page link input - when I try to select a page to link to it throws this error? No idea why it let's me pick it but then throws the error. Running pw 2.4. I'm sure it's a security error of some type but don't know where to look.

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Do you have debug set to true in your config.php? Anything showing up in assets/logs?

Also check your dev console as the error might be ajax related as it grabs the page list.

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Could you also provide some code, Its hard to reproduce the error without it.

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This had something to do with some field/template changes I was making but I'm not sure exactly why. Things are now work fine again so all is good.

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I ran across this same issue with a field on a site after upgrading to 2.4.

Whilst I have no idea how to reproduce the issue, it goes away when you do the following:

  1. On the Input tab for the field, remove all settings you might have put in under the Selectable Pages section
  2. Change the Parent of Selectable Pages page to be the homepage, then save it
  3. Change the settings back to how you had them before
  4. It works again

Sadly, without being able to reproduce it this is only a little bit helpful. When I created another identical field from scratch it didn't have the issue, but fiddling with the field in question as per the steps above resolved it.

Weird huh?

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I have the same problem here. My ProcessWire is in version 2.4.0 and I'm running it at the moment in a XAMPP v. 3.2.1 environment.

I think I could localize the error a little bit...

I use a custom PHP script to get the pages I need: 

return $pages->find("template=basic-page|mitglieder");

If I now select also Home or any other Page up in the "Parent of selectable page(s)" section. It works only, if there is the "correct" page selected. Say my menutree looks like this:

|  |-SubSite2
|  | |-----SubSubSite1
|  | |-----SubSubSite2
|  | |-----SubSubSite3
|  |-SubSite3

With my php-script I can see following Sites;

  • Site1
  • SubSite1
  • SubSubSite1
  • SubSubSite2
  • SubSubSite3

Now the setting "Parent of selectable page(s)" is set to "SubSite2" and the php script still there. Then I can choose only the "SubSubSites" when I try to choose SubSite1 the Error "Page 1322 is not valid for some_page_name" occurs. If I want to choose SubSite1 I have to change the "Parent of selectable page(s)".

I hope it is understandable what I mean  :lol: , otherwise tell me. I also hope someone could reproduce this error and fix that bug.

Thanks Community & Ryan for that great system!


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