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Error: The guest role is required


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently setting up my first multilingual project on a brand new 2.4 install.

One of the things I tried to find out is how to change the default language. Fortunately I'm not the first one and I found good solutions.

While reading through a lot of stuff I stumbled upon the suggestion to change the language of the guest user here and here.

So I tried that and always get the error: "The guest role is required". Despite the error the language change gets saved. Two other users also reported this here and here.

Like Relmos reports, after switching the guest user language, my site also displays in the default language. I checked with

<?php echo $user->language->name; ?>

in Chrome Incognito mode.

This raises 2 questions:

1. Is setting the guest user language really affecting the language displayed on the home page or is it only determined by what language I set the default language to (like explained here)?

2. Can anybody reproduce the error message when switching language of guest user and what does it mean? The guest role is still there after switching. So I don't quite understand the meaning of that error message.

Patiently awaiting partial enlightenment through this great community


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Gebeer, you can ignore that guest required message. It really doesn't mean anything and I've actually got it suppressed in the latest PW. All it meant was that it was assigning the guest role at runtime, and that's something that should just happen in the background- the error message was just making confusion. As for the other issue you mentioned, the guest role is meant to collaborate with the language named "default", but it can be changed at runtime - this is exactly what the language support page names module does.

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Thank you Ryan, for the explanation.

My multilingual project is running smoothly.

I made the default language German because this is the main language of the site. So no need to change the guest user language.

For me this seems the most logical way to setup multiple languages.

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