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How to correctly and easiest download a file from a URL to a folder assets

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Here's a snippet that does the job for me.

$file_source = 'http://www.openbsd.org/images/puffy54.gif';

$file_content = file_get_contents($file_source);

$target_page_id = '9999'; // replace with a real id

$target_page = $pages->get($target_page_id);

$file_target = $config->paths->files . $target_page_id . '/' . 'puffy54.gif'; // or do basename() on $file_source

file_put_contents($file_target, $file_content);
$file_field_name = 'attachment';

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I am sure I am missing something about what you want to do, but this works for me:

$target_page = $pages->get(xxxx);

$target_page->files->add("full url to file"); 


I haven't looked to see what PW is using in the background (maybe file_get_content with a fallback to cURL), but there might be an issue with file_get_contents if you have allow_url_fopen off in your server config.

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