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Hugo Orthontics - Fixate


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Hey guys, 

This is Fixate's second PW site - first one launched. It's for an orthodontics practice based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


This site was built with an earlier version of our PW MVC Boilerplate on Github, with a discussion in the PW forums.

Since abandoning WordPress for ProcessWire, we've never been happier with the flexibility in design and development!

Thanks for an awesome product :D


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I like the clear, uncluttered design! Readability is very good!

When I looked at it, the video under "Appointments" did not load. There may me some glitches on some smart-phone screens - sometimes  the menu covers part of the page only, have a look, not sure whether this is intended - it´s still functional.

Nice site!

post-1762-0-65962300-1392224938_thumb.jp post-1762-0-17465800-1392224933_thumb.jp

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Small point of confusion for me is that the nav elements with dropdowns still behave as links. I would deactivate the hover color and the pointer cursor on those.

Edit: I have to say that I absolutely love your website :)

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@joe - that video is coming straight from YouTube - nothing fancy on our side. The nav glitches are definitely not intentional! Which browsers / devices did you get those results on? I see you're on Opera - I'm guessing Opera Mini, since Opera Mobile tests were all perfect. Opera Mini is a mysterious beast. We'd better take a look (seems like a weird stacking issue with the logo, which is bizarre considering the nav is in a completely different context).

EDIT: the main wrapper is not shifting off-page - most likely some sort of issue with Opera Mini and CSS translate. Stacking is still bizarre, though.

@diogo - ye, the dropdowns have bothered me a while. I'm iffy about not having a pointer on the link, but I agree, I think we need to remove the hover state at least.

Haha, you don't want to know what went into making the illustrations on our site, and then getting them to work responsively! The response has been great, though, so well worth it. It does need a port to ProcessWire - but I'm terrified of touching those headers again O.o

Thanks for the kind words, guys :D

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The logo doesn't show up on the https://booknow.appointment-plus.com/49mq3yjk/10 page (broken image icon).

Also, I think 

To learn how to book an appointment, please watch our “How to book an appointment” video

is slightly over the top. It suggests that it's necessary to watch an instructional video before you can fill in a form. As a user, I find that a bit intimidating.

Also, I'd load that form in a new window, since it's leading away to another domain. 

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