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Admin HTML title to include domain


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I think it would be good thing to add domain to html title in admin default theme. I added a long time ago to my admin theme.

Instead of

Pages • ProcessWire

make it

mydomain.com • Pages • ProcessWire 


Pages • ProcessWire • mydomain.com

This would help a lot with seeing in windows list and bookmarks, what site it is from. I can't stand seeing my co-worker looking for the correct window for hours :)


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Yep, same with me. In addition, I usually set up a website on a subdomain (like dev.mysite.com), and then switch it over to the main domain once everything is finished... but the subdomain is still displayed in the title in the admin area.

I think this can be edited by overwriting

$browserTitle in /wire/templates-admin/default.php

Or is there another place where this can be done?

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You surely don't want to modify anything in there. :)

I'm not sure where the subdomain is coming from.

Do you have a $config->httpHosts with the subdomain in your config.php?

Also not sure what you want to modify? It's all there

[domain - Edit Page : pagetitle]

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