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zürich transit maritim - art intervention in public space


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Just launched the official website for zürich transit maritim today (just right for the press conference).

Responsive (ZURB Foundation) new site for Swiss art intervention in public space. Probably the most talked about art happening 2014 in Zürich, Switzerland, and beyond.
Feature excerpt: (most features will be activated / revealed later on)
  • Bilingual (german + english) setup - with PW 2.3.8 (atm only german content available)
  • Image gallery slideshow + galleries
  • Download section for journalists
  • Blog
  • Live webcam
  • Basic e-shop w/Paypal
  • Google-Maps
  • Google Drive Form
I had to remove certain stuff in the last minute (e.g. showing random quotes). Now it visually looks a bit bland on pages that don't contain a left navigation. But I was too busy to create another template or change the existing ones 5 minutes before launch (expand grid for main content etc.)
(I googled just now for an article in english - guess the international media will cover the story later this year only, or later this week)
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