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DHXScheduler or Arshaw's Fullcalendar


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Hello guys.

    I've been asked to create a calendar for a motorbike school (booking, events, colors, d&d, gantt ...).

    Now is a great opportunity to create a general events calendar module which can be used in many ambits and share it with this great community that has given me so many things.

    I've been looking around for some calendars and found the two shown in the title as possible candidates, what do you think, do you know any others?


Arshaw's Fullcalendar

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Something to consider:



There have been a few fundamental issues with FullCalendar since the beginning of its existence. Dealing with timezones has always been awkward and confusing, along with the way dates are stored. Also, built-in support for other languages and cultures has always been lacking.

I believe it is important to deal with these fundamental issues before moving forward. My proposed solution leverages MomentJS, a very awesome and popular date library. For more information, see my Proposal for a date system overhaul as well as the issues it will solve.

Beyond that, core user-experience issues are top priority, such as displaying too many events and printing problems. Then, more meaty highly-requested UI features such as a new views and background periods can be tackled.

The date system overhaul has not yet happened. I wonder, if it will break backwards compatibility.

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