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Is there a selector similar to jquery closest?

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Let's say there's  page structure like


And 1-main-st uses a template called House.php and dishwasher uses a template called Appliance.php.

Then let's say I use a selector to get all appliances, say, with an expired warranty.

Then I want to find the house it belongs to.

In jquery, you can use "closest('.house')" for example to locate the encapsulating house.

Is there a way to select the house in PW?  To walk "up" the page hierarchy until I get to the first one with a certain template?

I believe I can easily code one based on a technique shown by Ryan in http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2262-exclude-pages-with-unpublished-parent/?hl=selector#entry21087 but I'd hate to re-invent the wheel.

Sometime when trying to figure out selectors I find an example in these forums that makes me slap my forehead and say "Of Course!  Duh.".

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No problem, we all were there. This adds another keyword to the index so the next maybe able to find it. ;)

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