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$mypage->children vs $pages->get($mypage->id)->children


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Recently I've discovered unexpected (for me) behavior of Page children property. 

My scrip creates several pages - $mypage and its few child pages. Within the same script this code "$mypage->children" returns empty PageArray, while this code "$pages->get($mypage->id)->children" returns expected children PageArray.

Is there any way to stay with "$mypage->children" syntax? E.g. may be I miss some step during Page creation that properly initializes this property? 

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А можешь подробнее описать, что именно не так, по твоему?

Просто не очень понимаю откуда именно у тебя берется $mypage, просто мне когда нужна специфичная страница, изначально всегда её объявляю в шапке ( $homepage = $pages->get('/') ) и дальше использую. Все объекты с данным классом и все их методы отрабатывают как положено, не смотря на контекст, даже есть пример с рекурсией в файлах страницы через которые можно получить страницы на которых они объявлены, что бы вновь получить список файлов.

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MPP, thanks for reply!

$mypage it is not PW api variable :rolleyes:. It is created in the php script as below:

$mypage = new Page();
$mypage->template = 'mytemplate';
$mypage->parent = 'path-to-mypage';
$mypage->name = uniqid();
$mypage->myproperty = $somevalue;
Its child Pages are created in the same way after $mypage.
Problem in brief: in the same script $mypage->children doesn't work (returns empty PageArray), while $pages->get($mypage->id)->children works (returns non-empty PageArray with all newly created children Pages).
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Maybe you can also let us know what PW version, and where this script is run: Template, Module, Bootstrap ...

This works as expected for me. Though possible there was some fix. 

I could image the problem has to do with pages in cache/memory vs pages queried from DB.

Once you create a new page and add children to it, the $mypage page is already in memory and $mypage->children() may not return any children cause there was none when you created the page. Though it works for me so looks like children() makes a DB query after all.

BTW you don't need $page->of(false), because a newly created page via API has no output formatting yet.

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