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I tried a lot of web site statistics tools but they only show page visits, country, ip, browser, os, etc. etc.

What I need is a server script or tool that shows me how many times a specific file is downloaded from

my website and from what ip. If anyone knows, thanks in advance.

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Thanks Soma, yes I saw AWStats on my own payed server and other web statistic services as well. I forgot to mention that in this case it is for a free hosting server with limitations such as without included webstatistics.

So I am looking for a php script or other script that I can upload and keeps track of file downloads.

So  far I found this page http://proxy2.de/scripts.php but no php script.

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AWStats just reads the access log from the server, so I'm not sure what your free server has or allows. You'd need access to the access log. There's no such script that can just be uploaded and tracks files downloaded.

Unless you use this technique I mention with google analytics event tracking using JS.

Or if you make a download file "is a page", so you can count on the template side with php. martijn was faster...
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