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possible bug in selector using `limit`

Martijn Geerts

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version: 2.3.8

This works

$page->children(); // works
$pages->find("parent=$page"); // works
$page->children("start=0, limit=4"); // works
$page->children("limit=4"); // throws a fatal error
$pages->find("parent=$page, limit=4") // throws a fatal error

// Fatal error: Call to a member function children() on a non-object in /Users/martijn/Sites/www_domains/pvw/htdocs/wire/core/PageTraversal.php on line 205

Fatal error isn't thrown when adding start=0 to the selector.

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I tried those out and they all seem to work as expected for me (using the latest dev, 2.3.8). What's the page tree like? In what context are you running that code, in a template file or a module? Are you able to reproduce this behavior on a clean install? Or with some certain steps taken from a clean install?

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It's quite an complex structure. Maybe the fault is on my side.

There are serveral finds on the same $pagearray, hasn't figured it out completely.

This is what I want:

I have a carousel, (listing pages when it has images),

next I have a throughput of pages, which includes the dropped pages of the carousel (pages with no images)

// Home Page (i stands for pages with image)

+-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+ 
|i|   |D|   |D|   |i|   |i|   |D|   |i| 
+-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+
       ^     ^                 ^
       |     |                 | 
       +-----+-----------------+---- dropped, contains no images
throughput: (limit 5)

+-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+
|D|   |D|   |D|   | |   | |    3 dropped pages + 2 extra pages to fill up till the limit is reached, sort=-date
+-+   +-+   +-+   +-+   +-+

Now on an other page, say /news/ I want to paginate all other news items not containing the pages loaded on the home page.


I re-arranged a lot,

calling start=0 on all searches ( except the one I use pagination for )

it's solved.

Big thanks for stepping in Nik.

Edited by Martijn Geerts
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