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Page save silently


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I seen this a couple times here by Ryan but can't find it. There a method to save a page silently so it doesn't update modified or user when saving a page.

Was it $page->save(false) ? Anyone remember?

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These should also work (on dev): 

// save directly from page object
$page->save(array('quiet' => true));

// save just 1 field from page object
$page->save('myfield', array('quiet' => true)); 

When quiet mode is set, the modified date is set to whatever is specified in the page. Meaning, the modified date is not updated unless you change it yourself. Quiet mode also lets you modify the modifedUser and createdUser for the page, if you want to. These are two properties you can't usually modify, but quiet mode lets you do it. 

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Great to have that options array for the save method.

I just discovered this when trying to set the modifiedUser of a page.

Had to do a google search and read some forum posts until I finally found it here. Would be really great, if this was mentioned in the cheat sheet for

http://cheatsheet.processwire.com/pages/built-in-methods-reference/pages-save-page/ ,


and http://cheatsheet.processwire.com/page/built-in-methods-reference/page-save-field/

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