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Silly problem: How to move page across page boundaries in the backend?


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no, if there are more than 50 pages, they get paginated, how do i move something from page 2 to page 1?

edit: this is a bit hard to talk about since everything is a 'page' – a bit like smurf language. But what I mean is that i want to move page number 51 (on second page) to the, for example, position 1. But I don't know how to cross the pagination boundaries (currently 50)


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1 hour ago, WolfgangW said:

I hope you can find it.

What you have shown there is not the Family tab for the template - it's the Settings tab for the page.

The Family tab for Template has two fields that may be relevant to your problem: "Allowed template(s) for children" and "Allowed template(s) for parents".


Check the Family tab...

  1. for the template of the page you are trying to move
  2. and the template of the parent page you are trying to move it under

...and make sure the allowed templates permit the move you are trying to do.


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