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Hello All, 

I just installed FormBuilder, and it's going great so far. Great time saver! I spent a couple of days doing a file upload form manually and was able to recreate it within minutes in FormBuilder.

Quick question about the general file upload functionality in PW:

When I was doing a file upload manually, I set the upload destination, and the file would upload there, but would also be in the assets/files area in a folder matching the entry ID. Now that I'm using FormBuilder, I stuck with the default upload area for FormBuilder, assets/cache/form-builder. I still get the same result though. The uploaded file ends up in assets/cache/form-builder, as well as in the assets/files/{entry_id}. Is this normal? When I view the entry itself, it's linked to the assets/files folder. 

So, what's happening seems independent of FormBuilder. Sorry if I am not fully understanding something about how files are dealt with in PW. I tried to find more info on how file uploads work in PW but I still don't fully understand it. 

Thanks for any info you can provide. 

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Files uploaded to pages go in /site/assets/files/. Files uploaded to FormBuilder forms go in /site/assets/cache/form-builder/ (or another directory, which you can define in your FormBuilder module settings). If you've got a file that's going in both, then that would be because you've got FormBuilder publishing entries to pages. I don't recommend automatically publishing entries to pages–better to approve them individually before publishing to pages. But either way, if you are publishing entries to pages, then there's going to be a file associated with the entry and another associated with the page. If form submissions are being used for the purpose of publishing to pages, then typically you'd delete the entry after publishing it to a page (thereby deleting the original copy of the file too). Let me know if I've misunderstood the question?

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