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radio buttons fieldtype?


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Hi there,

I need a radio button fieldtype.

The checkbox field only allows one value, right? I need a field that displays a list of radio buttons, in which the user has to pick one.

Is this available through processwire? How can I do something like this?

Thanks in advance ;)

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In the admin or a front-end form?

In the admin you need to use the page fieldtype and then on the details tab choose single and on the input tab choose Radios in the input field type section.

The page field select creator module can make this setup much easier:


If you are after the radio buttons in a front end form instead, let us know and we'll show you through that. 

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Take a look at this video for an explanation of how page fields work:

They can be a little tedious to set up, but they are so very powerful compared to the way most CMSs handle storing content for select/radio etc fields that they are more than worth the effort.

That module I pointed you to can make the entire process much quicker though - give it a try :)

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I know it might seem confusing and unintuitive at first, but this is the PW way and I am certain you'll be convinced of the value of the approach in time. Here is some more reading on page fields:


Have a read of this thread from here on:


We have all struggled with what seems overly complicated, but it really does work and it works well!

Page fields reference child pages, but they are used as a way to allow the user to select from these items (pages) using select, multiselect, radio etc. Try not to think of pages as just being pages - they are used for everything in PW.

Maybe someone else will chime in and be better able to explain how it all works, but I would say just dive in and try it - it will soon make sense once you have tried it.

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