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Redirect in htaccess


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Here's a cool approach from WillyC:


Or you could add a line to your htaccess file (as devcow shows), or if this is a change from what the parent page used to be called this module would do the trick, but you need to have it installed before the change in the name of the page, http://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-path-history/

I guess you could change the name back, install the module, and then change the name again. It's an awesome module to have installed right from the start of development!

EDIT: If you go with the htaccess route, you might find something like this useful so that all posts are taken care of:

RewriteRule ^news/(.*)$ /blog/$1 [L,NC,R=301]
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On 10/31/2013 at 11:20 PM, k07n said:

Great! But where are many different posts in the News catalog  :-[

@adrian, thanks for reminding me about the History module.


This is it! Thanks

I have a similar problem can you help me I tried this but it's not working


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