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Quotes in Summary of Module Info


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Qotes (single or double) in the summary (Array Element of ModuleInfo)  will be displayed '&quote;' or ''' which means the output of the html-source is: '&quote;' or '''.

Didn't check the cause.

Maybe better to avoid the use of quotes in the summary respectively in translations (.json).

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The case would no doubt be entity encoding. It sounds like maybe double entity encoding? I did just try adding quotes to the summary for Helloworld.module, and am not seeing double entity encoding though. 

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Yes there must be one htmlspecialchars too much. Cannot find the second one, maybe until rendering the table as a form value?
If I take away the first one it works.

Line 128:

$summary = empty($info['summary']) ? '' : htmlspecialchars($info['summary']);

Line 182:

$form->attr('value', $out); //call of modules > InputfieldForm/ InputfieldWrapper
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I got it:
I made the summary in my modules translatable like:
'summary' => __('Here comes the text'),

This function does a second entity encoding.

Is it useful to edit the following line in ProcessModule.module to prevent from double encoding?

Line 128:

            $summary = empty($info['summary']) ? '' : htmlspecialchars(htmlspecialchars_decode($info['summary']));

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Okay that makes sense. We entity encode everything coming from the translation functions for security. I believe that htmlspecialchars/htmlentities have a boolean argument that when 'true' can tell it to not double-encode. But for a quick solution in your case, you could update that line in your module to this (below), and I'll update the ProcessModule to have that boolean argument. 

'summary' => html_entity_decode(__('Here comes the text')), 
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