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InputLabelField or general problem


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Hi every one!, im having a big problem to figure out how to do this in PW

in the front end i have this, a question and answer table for cars models:


i do this easy with repeaters, 


the problem is the question are not standard now and going vary by the page, i test to do this but i see redundancy Labels questions, because when i add a new  model i have to write the question and the answer (diplicity ).


There is a way to resolve this?, sort of creating a template question  or list question select so i can edit o create one from the repeater itself?

PD: how can i hack PW to allow me to use nested repeaters in this case i need it :(


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Hi kamekun,

Do you use repeaters to store your attributes of the car-models? You shouldn't do that, you may have problems with scaling when having lots of data.

Can you post your site tree? How did your structure your templates?

You could create a Question template, just with a title field, and put the question in the title.

Then in your car-model-template, use a repeater field which has 2 fields:

1) A select dropdown to choose the question

2) A text field to write the answer

Though if you have a lot of questions, then maybe it'll be hard to select the right one...


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