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TinyMCE table not saving


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I´ve created a textarea field, type TinyMCE. When inserting a table and then saving the page, it disappears and it´s converted to a simple paragraph:

Before saving:


After saving:


This happens with CKeditor as well, so maybe I´m missing something about the configuration of the field itself?


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Well, about the problematic field, finally I deleted it and created a new one and the problem is gone. Don´t know what was the fault with it, maybe some misconfiguration in the database ¿?

Agree with you about tables + editor. I don´t like/trust the user to have too much control about the layout/format of the content. I found your module when searching for a different approach and think is quite a better solution, but the info I need to output has many combinations. A list of prices for products, but sometimes there is a price for several products (pages), promotions for 1 product or several... for example:


The info comes from different product pages.

So in the end i thought it would be easier to just let the user input a table. Mmm, still undecided.

Thank you for your help.

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I think it's do-able with my module. With a few changes to the <thead> and a little modification in the loop.

if($this->thead) {
	$out .= "<thead><tr>";
	$out .= "<th colspan='{$columns}'>".wire('pages')->get($pid)->fields->get($fid)->label."</th>";                 $out .= "</tr></thead>";

ps, the module is intended as starting point. That's why I never added it to the module directory.

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