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Admin header and footer not loading?

Lance O.

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I've just installed PW on Media Temple Grid server using an exported site profile, and for some odd reason, some of the pages in the Admin are not loading the header and footer into the page.

This appears to be random. For instance, I just verified that the /processwire/access/ page was loading properly, but after visiting it again, it only loads the following:

<dl class='nav'>
    <dt><a class='label' href='/processwire/access/users/'>Users</a></dt>
    <dd>Manage system users</dd>
    <dt><a class='label' href='/processwire/access/roles/'>Roles</a></dt>
    <dd>Manage user roles and what permissions are attached</dd>
    <dt><a class='label' href='/processwire/access/permissions/'>Permissions</a></dt>
    <dd>Manage system permissions</dd>

And then after refreshing the page, it loads properly with header and footer in place. However, any page that I edit displays the Admin page without the header and footer.

I installed the site using a fresh copy of PW, substituting only modules, templates, and install folders. In fact, I've done this twice, with the same results. At first I thought it might be a permissions problem, but it doesn't seem like that would produce random results.

Anyone have any ideas? I couldn't find reference to this problem in the forums.

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I just took a look using Firebug and while some JavaScript errors are reported, they are in relation to the missing header and footer. So unfortunately, this isn't providing me any insight, but thanks for the suggestion.

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