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how do I implement support for iframe in HTML mode?


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I did a few searches, however, was not able to find this - so sorry if I am repeating someone else's topic!

Today, I was asked to add an iframe to one of our pages - so we could push into the page data from another solution on the server. When I click on the

 button, and do <iframe ...></iframe> and click update it is removed.

Is there an easy way for a processwire beginner (but am a programmer) to implement support for this? (no idea where to look/tweak).

Thanks a lot!


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Hi ozznixon,

The settings for TinyMCE are located in the field settings for whichever field you want to add this capability to. So, for the body field, go into Setup > Fields > body. Then go to the "INPUT" tab and click on "TinyMCE Advanced Configuration Options".

You'll want to edit the valid_elements to allow for iframes. I don't know off the top of my head how to do this... but if you're okay with allowing ALL elements, you can replace everything in the field with *[*] and that will allow iframes along with everything else. I usually do this although some people would caution against it... It really depends on how much power you want to give your editors.

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