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Youtube And Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber


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14 hours ago, adrian said:

It seems like that video has some restrictions on where it can be viewed. If I try directly at: https://player.vimeo.com/video/131927792 I get a privacy related error, and at https://vimeo.com/131927792 is says it can't find the page.

Can you make the video public?

It was set to only play on my domain

@adrianI have just set it to public, thanks, can you try again?


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Maybe there is something I don't understand about certain types of Vimeo links, but take a look at:


Note this part of that:

That suggests to me that I should be able to view the video at: https://vimeo.com/131927792 but that link shows "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page", but if I actually let this forum RTE embed the video, it works just fine, eg: 


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@adrianWhen I click on the link it shows the video no problem and when I check the source, the image that is used is this: https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/524593272-683024da51d7a69315a89203ef7e818253e11f50159cce6b9505370685f39582-d?mw=1400&mh=787

Whereas on my homepage that image that is uses is https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/524593272_960.jpg

So the question now seems to be what part of your module gets and generates the image links, because I believe that is all that needs changing

Thanks for thinking along

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1 minute ago, OllieMackJames said:

is it possible to get your module to get the new syntax for the thumbnails from vimeo?

I am sure it's possible, but as I mentioned, I'd rather avoid the need to add authentication to the module when the current approach seems to be working just fine for normal public video URLs. I feel like there must be some other setting on that video that forces it to only work when embedded. Can you try to make it work without being embedded and see if the module works as expected then?


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  • 2 months later...
On 1/31/2016 at 9:22 PM, adrian said:

Completely wrong - it does already support repeaters - you just need to specify the template of the repeater in the "Templates to search" config setting. 

The problem with the module on your site was due to fopen not working on files at external URLs. The current version should now work on your server.

Hello Adrian,

I can't get this wonderful module to work on a PW page...
I always get this error:

PagesEditor: Fehler beim speichern von Feld "Videos" — fopen Fehler für Dateiname: /www/htdocs/xxxxxxxx/site/assets/files/-1329/hqdefault.jpg

You have already fixed the problem here in this thread 2016 and actually it should work now.... but unfortunately it does not work for me for reasons unknown to me.
What else can I do?

My settings look so actually right (have two older projects running with it - without problems) ?



Thanks Ralf

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I don't think that is the same issue - the warning is now about fopen on the file in the PW assets. I think the other one was on YT site. I see that you have pageFileSecure on - do you think that is the only difference between this and other sites where you have it working?

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Hello Adrian,

you're right, I'm actually using pageFileSecure on the project .... is that a problem?
And come to think of it, on the other installation I'm not using it and the second installation is still on an old PW version 2.7 ? so probably not quite as comparable.

Can I give you more details to get to the bottom of the error?

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6 hours ago, Ralf said:

I'm actually using pageFileSecure on the project .... is that a problem?

It shouldn't be a problem, although I haven't really ever used that feature of the core. I just tried testing it and I don't get any errors, but for some reason the dash before the files folder (which is added when I create a new page), is removed as soon as I publish it, so I feel like there is a bug somewhere. And that is not even with any engagement of this module.

Maybe something with the pageFileSecure broke in recent PW versions?

PS - does Tracy give a stack trace of the error?

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Hello @adrian,

I have found the problem or what setting is related to this error with the failed download.

Namely it is because of the "access controls" for this field!
Because if I right click on the video element in the template and then in the Modal "Edit Field" on the "Access" tab at the first question "Do you want to manage access control for this field?" on "NO" the setting is, then EVERYTHING WORKS!!! It loads the thumbnail and everything is fine!

BUT if I set this setting to "YES" and then give all roles ONLY the page view rights - so that actually "only" the superuser is allowed to edit this field (is actually so desired here) - THEN and exactly THEN the module suddenly does NOT work or gives the error from above and NO image is loaded.

Hmmm whether this is now an "error" of PW or of your module? Or is it not a bug but a feature?

It's just strange that with a PDF field the whole thing works exactly the same - with the settings regarding visibility and editing only for superuser...

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Nice sleuthing @Ralph!

As I mentioned, for some reason at the moment my sandbox install doesn't seem to want to work with pageFilesSecure so it's not easy for me to test, but I am wondering if it's a combo of that together with the field level access control and the fact that this module is adding the video thumb to the image field via the API. I wonder if you might be able to try adding an image to that field via the API, possibly via the Tracy console panel. If that doesn't work, then I think it might be a PW core issue, but if it does work, then I'll have to dig deeper and see if I can reproduce here.

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