This module redirects ID based URLs to the full SEO friendly URL   Modules directory: Github:   Very simple module that alllows you to link to pages with their page ID in the URL. The ID can be in any location in the URL.   There is a config option to simply load the content to the ID based URL, rather than redirecting to the original PW url if you prefer. If you use this option, the module adds a canonical link to the page to help identify the ID based URL as a duplicate of the proper PW url so Google won't penalize you for duplicate content.   For example you could do any of the following, where 1058 is the ID of the page you want to load:   Any of those will redirect to the proper URL, eg: At the moment for this to work, the page ID segment of the URL must be the only segment that is all numerical, otherwise, anything goes.   The reason for this module is mostly as a way to have a very simple shortlink to any page on the site, but it also allows for structuring URLs however you want with any content you want. I guess this could be abused and potentially bad for SEO!   I am not sure if this is a good way to do this, so I would definitely appreciate any feedback.