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Session clash when bootstrapping API


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Afternoon all.

I'm bootstrapping the API (by including index.php) from my  application which is built using the Silex micro-framework.

I have run into a problem after updating to more recent versions of several Symfony components.  Basically I cannot start the Silex session component because it is reporting that the PHP session has already started.  This has not been a problem until now so I can only presume that the previous version of the Symfony session component was not checking if the session had already started.

Long story short - is it possible to disable the Processwire session handling when using the API? Unless I am mistaken, if I am using my own session handling mechanism and only using the API to fetch page data etc then I should not need Processwire to have it's own session handling as it will not be being used.

Any help gratefully received as I am basically dead in my tracks with this problem!

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Another way would be to create a module to extend the WireSessionHandler (/wire/core/WireSessionHandler.php) and leave the implementation blank. WireSessionDB module would be a good template to remove code from. Though have not tried it and not positive it would work. But it sounds like you've already found a potentially better solution. 

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