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Finally launched the new Omnitic website


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Hi everyone,

The new website of my company Omnitic is finally launched! Initially started in Wordpress, it was finally built on Processwire with Gumby Framework as i wanted a real use case to practice my "wiring". I must say that i'm pleased with the final result and how fast it was to get this up and running with Processwire. For a extra speed boost ProCache has also been used to make the overall experience as fast as possible : if you build website with Processwire and don't use this module, you're doing it wrong.

There's still some tweaking to be done though (image optimization, some responsive issues to name a few)

Regards and happy wiring.


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Nice work! I've viewed it viewing it on iPad Safari mobile and desktop. The site greets you very proudly with the "capabilities" image right up front. Overall, it makes a great first impression. Nice responsive elements! Your company should be proud that you did this -- and moved them from WordPress. Definitely means a brighter future.

Just two small comments:

1. On mobile, the main menu drops to two lines even though there's room for a single line. Is this intentional? See screen shot below.


2. When viewing on mobile, I seem to unintentionally pan the "contact" map as I gesture down the page. I think it's because the map occupies a large portion of screen space on mobile.

Thanks for sharing,


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@Mathew Thanks.

The first point has been addressed. I'm not sure how to solve the second point (maybe by not showing the maps all together or just show it as an image)

@Pete Thank you. Gumby is quite straightforward to work with, you should definitely give it a try.

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