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Password field required compatibility?

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Is the password field compatible with the "required" option?

I only ask because if I make it a required option when editing a page if I haven't changed the password, it throws a required error. Obviously I'd like for the user to be able to leave it blank and leave the password how it is.

The problem is if I don't make it required then I may end up without a password at all.

Is this something I should look to triggering via a module?


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Hi onjegolders,

Are you working with the admin backend? I gave your case a try with the API:

$page->requiredField = "";

Nothing happened. Literally nothing: no errors, no field update.

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Thanks Valery, yes this is in the backend. On page save, the required error still gets called even if previously a password has been set. This must be because the password field is empty and it's only if a user fills it in that it gets reset.

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I took a peek at the system password field settings just out of curiosity.

It is not required.

And it's actually possible to create a user without a password. But they won't be able to log in: PW would silently redirect them back to the login page.

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Thanks Valery. 

I think I should specify, I'm adding the password field to a different page and adding the required value myself in the file settings.

Essentially it's so that my client can create a "member" while also creating a user without having to also remember to go to Access->Users and add one there.

Ideally the password field would be required initially when they add the page but perhaps thereafter not required. Either that or the value of a password field on the edit page template should not be empty.

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If all of this happens in the backend and the field is "required", the PW backend will not allow to blank it. You would have to write your own template for it to work. You won't even need the "required" option then.

Sorry if that's a poor solution. Maybe someone else can come up with a bright idea?

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Thanks anyway Valery, it's useful having different thoughts on it!

I just imagined that as it's part of the core there must be some expected behaviour in this scenario.

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The only time you'd want to make the password field required is when using it for a new user form or something like that. Otherwise, I'd suggest not making it a required field unless you want people to change their password every time. I'm not positive about what your context is in this case, but because the built-in password field is designed for a very specific purpose, you might just want to use your own markup for a password field. Or, if using an InputfieldForm, you can use InputfieldText and change the type attribute to 'password':

$pass = $modules->get('InputfieldText'); 
$pass->attr('type', 'password'); 
$pass->attr('name', 'pass'); 
$pass->label = 'Your password';
$pass->required = (bool) whateverConditionYouWant(); 

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Thanks Ryan,

The context would be, like you said, a first time adding of a password for a user. Except a page (student) is being mapped to a user. So if the admin wants to update a student's password, they could also do it from the student page.

Obviously making it required will be unhelpful because it's only required once, unless the password field had some way of knowing that it hadn't been overriden this time but that it was set and not "blank".

I think failing that, the best way is for me to make it not required and the admin will have to remember if someone can't login, it's probably because they failed to assign them a password.

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