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Can't empty trash or delete indivdual trashed pages


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Hi all.

I've run into a strange issue and am getting the following error when I try to empty the trash:

Error: Call to a member function hasRole() on a non-object (line 1203 of /var/www/vhosts/web_v4/admin/wire/core/Page.php)

I am also getting this error when I try to edit or delete some of the individual pages in the trash.  I cannot delete any of them, and if I try I sometimes get that error and sometime it bounces back to the page listing but all the pages still remain.

I had a hunt in the forum and I found some references to the above error but in a different context.

The only other detail worth mentioning is that I am on v2.2.12.

My instinct is that there is perhaps pages in the trash for which the relevant template/fields no longer exist and this is causing some sort of confusion.

Any suggestions welcomed. I am trying to delete old unused templates but I can't because (I think) pages in the trash are still using them!


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Edit the line that it's talking about in Page.php and change it from this:

if(!$template->hasRole('guest')) return false;

to this:

if(!$template || !$template->hasRole('guest')) return false;

This change is also already present on the dev branch (I ran into the same error a few weeks ago). 

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I have another error when trying to empty trash:

Error: Call to a member function path() on a non-object (line 948 of my/website/directories/here/site/modules/ProDrafts/ProDrafts.module) 

Thats it ... can anyone help?


So I found the solution! For some reason it is impossible to empty trash if there are pages that are Draft's (have a paperclip next to the page name). Just Publish the pages so that the paperclip is no more and then You can empty trash without a problem!



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Found answer!
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